20 Group Advanced Financial Two-day Course

Brings together dealership operations concepts, and uses a scenario-based instructional method to allow participants to utilize the skills and concepts learned by applying them to a specific dealer case study.


Participants must have completed Through a Dealer's Eyes on What's Important on the Financial Statement and either NADA Foundations and Advanced Fixed Operations or NADA Foundations and Advanced Variable Operations. Also, participants must have at least two years of automotive experience.

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Learning Objectives

  • The case studies will let participants discuss each department for their assigned dealer scenario (new, used, service, parts, marketing) individually.
  • Five different dealer scenarios are included in the participant workbook, so the class will be divided into five separate groups for the one-day session.
  • Discussing one department at a time, the dealer groups will identify opportunities, potential solutions and expected results based on the information contained in their specific dealer scenario.
  • For each departmental segment of the session (service, parts, new-vehicle, etc.), each dealer group will report out on its discussion and findings. Generally, the dealer groups should identify their best idea for:
    • Immediate impact and improvement
    • Greatest return on investment
    • Ease of implementation
  • Each dealer group should report back with one or two key ideas as well as the supporting information that will make this idea happen.
  • After the report-out, other groups will have the opportunity to ask questions and/or make comments.

Optional Voting Process

  • After the groups report back, a vote will be taken by the large group on the most effective idea (groups may not vote for themselves). Points will be awarded based on predetermined criteria and tabulated during the break.
  • After the break, voting results are announced and the facilitator critiques each group’s idea. Key comments may include how the group’s idea could impact other dealership departments, what specifically the group hopes to accomplish and what it will take to implement the idea.