Benefits of NADA Membership

Benefits of NADA Membership

In addition to continuous advocacy efforts made on your behalf, NADA members enjoy a variety of benefits to help keep their dealerships humming.

NADA, the "Voice of the Dealer," has represented the interests of local new-car dealerships, their employees and their customers for more than 100 years.

Founded in 1917 when 30 dealers visited Washington, D.C., to successfully oppose a luxury tax on vehicles, NADA continues to work on behalf of its members with all branches of government, car and truck manufacturers, the media and the public, to protect the new-car and new-truck dealer franchise system.



With an NADA membership, you will enjoy ...

Premier Education Resources

20 Group* lets you learn from the best, your peers, supported by world-class consultants and NADA.

NADA Academy* turns dealers and managers into world-class leaders in their stores and communities. Held at NADA headquarters in metropolitan Washington, Academy and online, classes are combined with critical, hands-on experience back in the store.

Driven Management Guides cover a wide variety of topics critical to dealership operations. Members can search and download over 100 guides on various dealership topics in a PDF format.

Online Courses incorporate real-world simulations and interactivity to increase user engagement and overall knowledge retention.

Webinars are 30-minute online seminars presented by industry subject matter experts and focus on solutions to key issues affecting your dealership.

Workshop Recordings bring the best of the annual NADA Show directly to your dealership with on-demand recordings of all workshop presentations. Workshops include video recordings, presentation slides and handout materials.

In-Dealership Consulting Services* can help your dealership's profitability. NADA's experts assist you in finding and fixing problems, applying best practices and executing solutions.

Regulatory Resources provides members with compliance-oriented guides, bulletins, news, and updates.

The annual NADA Workforce Study, free for all participating members, collects, analyzes and publishes exclusive data on salaries, benefits, retention and turnover rates.

The Dealership job description database houses dealership-specific job descriptions to help dealers quickly post job openings.

*additional costs apply to Academy, 20 Group and custom ATD training 


Attend NADA Show, the industry event of the year at a discounted rate, only available to NADA members.

UPS discounts: NADA members have access to new and improved flat rate pricing.


NADA Affinity Provider Program: NADA members can access vendor products and services at discounted rates.

Government Advocacy

NADA’s success lies with its powerful grassroots lobbying efforts, which are most effective when local dealers meet with their members of Congress to advocate on behalf of all dealers and their customers.

This team effort involving NADA, state and metro dealer associations and NADA’s dealer members strengthens NADA’s ability to advocate on behalf of local dealerships everywhere and target engagement to dealer-specific issues. 

NADA PAC, one of the largest and most active political action committees of any trade association, represents the interests of all franchised new-car and -truck dealers by supporting pro-dealer candidates of both political parties. 

While NADA works hard in Washington on behalf of local dealerships, it coordinates efforts with state and metro dealer associations through the Automotive Trade Association Executives (ATAE).

Improving Manufacturer Relations

NADA is the dealer’s best advocate in dealer-manufacturer relations, addressing concerns with manufacturers and distributors.

Twice each year, NADA delivers the results of its semiannual Dealer Attitude Survey to each manufacturer to discuss the positives and negatives of manufacturer performance and initiatives, including incentive programs.

NADA also hosts the annual Automotive Forum in New York that focuses on the latest issues affecting dealers, manufacturers, suppliers and others in the industry. NADA also partners with international dealership associations to stay up to date on international trends in auto retailing—from Europe to Asia to Brazil.

Key economic reports, including NADA Data and ATD Data (annual financial profiles of new-car and -truck dealerships), an annual NADA economic forecast, quarterly economic briefings and the Dealership Workforce Study, place NADA at the forefront of industry information.

Regulatory Compliance

As a NADA member, you’ll be able to browse regulatory topics, compliance-oriented guides, updates, and other reference materials to help your dealership departments thrive.

NADA Foundation

The NADA Foundation—begun in 1975—promotes initiatives sponsored by franchised dealers.

The Ambassador Program distributes hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in grants to local charities. The Emergency Relief Program has distributed millions of dollars to dealership employees and their families affected by disasters, including hurricanes, major storms and floods. The Workforce Initiative promotes the benefits of dealership jobs in local communities—with a particular focus on service technician jobs.

Retirement and Insurance

NADA Retirement from Empower offers members access to one of the best-in-class retirement plans.

NADA-endorsed life insurance programs are available exclusively to dealer members from New York Life.

News and Publications

NADA Headlines is a daily newsletter compilation of the latest industry-related news, delivered via email. Members with valid email addresses will automatically receive this benefit.

ATD Insider is a weekly newsletter for heavy-duty truck members. ATD members automatically receive this electronic publication via email.