Representing Dealership Associations

Representing Dealership Associations

Automotive Trade Association Executives (ATAE) represents the executives of more than 100 state and metropolitan franchised new car dealer associations in the U.S. and Canada.

Greg Remensperger

2022 ATAE Chairman

Chairman's Message

It’s an honor to serve as your 2022 ATAE Chairman. Although I hold the title, my term is not about me, rather about you and all our members. I see my role as keeping a firm hand on the wheel, eyes down the road and a foot on the gas.  

In my early days at OADA, nearly two decades ago, I leaned on my fellow ATAEs for ideas, inspiration, and support.  Over the years, those acquaintances have blossomed into not just professional relationships, but true friendships. Together we make each other better, and I am counting on your continued guidance and support.

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ATAE Event Schedule

Auto Shows of North America, founded in 2003, is a committee of Automotive Trade Association Executives (ATAE) formed to provide networking opportunities for ATAE members with responsibility for an auto show.


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