Drive Your Retirement

Drive Your Retirement

401(k) Plans for Dealerships


2022 Senior Director Benefit Services Lisa Rose

Lisa Rose

Senior Director, Benefit Services
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The NADA Retirement Program from Empower

NADA has an affinity relationship with Empower Retirement, the second largest retirement services provider in the US, under which Empower offers competitively priced 401(k) plans designed specifically for dealerships. Additional information about the NADA Retirement Program from Empower can be found at

Customized Consulting

Empower's consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the broad range of available 401(k) features and offerings, and can match those features to the specific goals of your company. Custom strategies for recruiting and retaining the best talent through nonqualified deferred compensation plans are also available.

Fiduciary Services

The NADA Retirement Program from Empower includes fiduciary support services such as a 3(38) Investment Manager, a 3(16) Plan Administrator and a Plan Trustee.

Superior Service Model

Empower's service model for the NADA Retirement Program includes a team of professionals dedicated to NADA Retirement plan sponsors and employees.

Enhanced Web Features

The NADA Retirement from Empower Web site provides a personalized online dashboard showing a clear and simple view of estimated monthly retirement income and offers a customized individual financial experience with a complete picture of financial accounts in one place with a single login, including next generation tools designed to help employees track, manage and plan their finances.


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