NADA Professional Series

NADA Professional Series

The NADA Professional Series is for auto dealership managers working in Sales, Parts, Service, or Office. Ideal candidates are new to a management position within a dealership department, aspire to become a department manager or have accelerated growth opportunities.


  • Pick your core department class (Office, Sale, Service or Parts).
  • Also select your Leadership Class dates during registration.
  • Once registered, you'll also gain access to the online HR and DMS training at no additional charge.
  • Receive your certification by completing department course, leadership course, online HR and DMS training. 
  • Held in convenient locations throughout the U.S. or live online to best fit your schedule.


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Profitably operate the dealership variable-operations department and sell more.


  • Develop a sales process that supports the dealership vision for profitability.
  • Plan for the future of variable operations.
  • Manage vehicle inventory to impact the bottom line and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Find and hire top sales team members.
  • Consistently drive departmental profitability.
  • HR and DMS training included. 




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Protect your dealership assets by producing accurate and timely data.


  • Devise reconciliation techniques that address inventory expense.
  • Analyze and understand your financial statements and DMS metrics.
  • Harness positive financial trends and minimize negative trends impacting all departments.
  • Master the three-day closing of your monthly financial statement.
  • Develop best practices for deal processing, RO work flow, parts reconciliation and inventory purchases.
  • HR and DMS training included. 





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Unlock frozen capital and stock the correct mix of parts to increase first time fill rate.


  • Maximize parts turns and reduce obsolescence.
  • Develop parts processes that support proper inventory practices. 
  • Manage parts inventory to impact the bottom-line and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Understand financial metrics needed to improve department profitability.
  • HR and DMS training included. 





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Improve technician proficiency and customer retention for increased departmental profitability.


  • Learn how to best compete in your market.
  • Develop a service process that supports the dealership vision success.
  • Optimize service department operations and increased profits.
  • Harness new service potential to impact the bottom line and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Develop processes to recapture lost customers and retain new customers for improved CSI.
  • HR and DMS training included. 





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Convince your manager that you need to attend NADA Professional Series.

Do you need help attending a Professional Series course? Download our template letter, edit it, and share it with your manager.

Professional Series FAQs


Who should attend?

Today’s department managers looking to sharpen their skills and tomorrow’s managers looking to prepare.


What is the cost?

The cost for the entire program is $2,995.


Are there any pre-requisites?

There are no prior certifications or training necessary. There is very modest prep work before you attend day one.


Do I need a base level of education to qualify?

No. Show up with a pen, paper and a positive attitude ready to learn.


What happens after I register?

Ahead of your scheduled sessions you will receive instructions on how to log into along with information about your upcoming sessions. Session info can include pre-work instructions (if applicable) plus location information (in-person sessions) or Zoom link and tech requirements (Live Online sessions).


What happens if I haven’t received any emails from NADA regarding details about my upcoming session?

Many dealerships have firewalls that prevent our emails from going through. Please check with IT to allow emails to pass through the firewalls. If you continue to have issues, please contact customer service at 800.557.6232


How do I pay?

When a student registers online for a professional series class, full payment is due at time of registration via credit card (Amex, visa, Mastercard, discover) or ACH.


Do you have any hotel recommendations at training locations?

View Hotel List


How long is the training?

The course is design to be completed with 12 months.

  • In-Person: Two days of department-focused training and two separate days of leadership training in the classroom. The Human Resources and DMS Foundations courses are both online and self-paced.
  • Live Online: Four days, three hours a day, over two weeks of department-focused training and four separate days, three hours a day, over two weeks of leadership training. The Human Resources and DMS Foundations courses are both online and self-paced.


Do I need a camera?

Yes, for the live online sessions appropriate technology is require such as computer with camera and microphone. If you do not have access, please contact the instructor prior to the first session.


Are my Leadership and Core Sessions at the same time?

You will need to select separate dates for both leadership and core department at the time of registration. The HR and DMS online modules are automatically added when you complete your registration. As a reminder each Professional Series Certification includes four instruction modules:

  1. Core course: Office, Parts, Service or Sales (In-person or Live Online)
  2. Leadership (In-person or Live Online)
  3. Human Resources Foundation (Online self-directed)
  4. DMS Foundation (Online self-directed)
Brooke, Executive Manager
5 Years Automotive Experience

Worth every penny and time away from the store. I learned a lot about myself and my team and has me thinking about the ways to improve. Thank you!

Kirk S, Fixed Operations Manager
17 Years Automotive Experience

I would've been 10+ years ahead of the curve, if this information was presented to me when I first became a manager. I plan to re-attend this course in the future as career maintenance.