Parts Management

Invest in yourself and gain the confidence to lead. This Professional Series Parts Management course is designed for those who are new to a leadership position within a dealership department, aspire to become a department manager or have accelerated growth opportunities.


  • In-Person: Two days of department-focused training and two separate days of leadership training in the classroom.
  • Live Virtual Classroom: Four 3-hour sessions, spread over two weeks, of department-focused training. Followed by four 3-hour sessions, spread over two weeks, of leadership training.

Self-Paced: Online HR and DMS training included for both format options.




Secure a spot today: Requires a $95 non-refundable deposit.


Convince Your Manager You Need to Attend

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How it Works

Each Professional Series Certification includes four instruction modules that may be taken in any order over the course of 12 months.

Module - 1
Core Competencies
Learn the Job 
  • Learn how to best compete in your market.

  • Maximize parts turns and reduce obsolescence.

  • Develop parts processes that support the dealership vision.

  • Manage parts inventory to impact the bottom-line and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Understand financial metrics needed to improve department profitability.

Module - 2
Leadership Foundations
Learn to Lead
  • Adopt DISC as a model of leadership behavior and versatility, facilitating open communication.

  • Utilize problem solving and decision making in conflict resolution.

  • Employ the SMART model to achieve goals.

  • Sharpen your leadership style to motivate your team.

  • Raise productivity through skilled time management and ongoing priority analysis.

Module - 3
Human Resources Foundations
Learn to Build Your Team 
  • Uncover the correlation between people and profit.

  • Develop an effective onboarding program.

Module - 4
DMS Applications
Learn to Find the Data You Need 

The DMS Applications module includes an 8-hour self-paced online course.

  • Harness the power of department 
specific reports.

  • Discover the most impactful functions of 
the DMS.

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