Professional Series Training

NADA Professional Series


Core focused training for new or high-potential department managers.

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school The NADA Professional Series grants certifications for new or high-potential department managers.

school Choose among four management disciplines (Sales, Office, Parts, or Service) and complete your certification in as few as three months (see below).

school Programs include two days of core competency-focused training and two days of leadership training in classroom, for a total of four days out of the dealership. Also, you get online HR and DMS training at no additional charge.

school Training is held in convenient locations throughout the U.S. to meet market demands (see below).



Profitably operate the dealership variable-operations department and sell more.

  • Develop a sales process that supports the dealership vision for profitability.
  • Plan for the future of variable operations.
  • Manage vehicle inventory to impact the bottom line and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Find and hire top sales team members.
  • Consistently drive departmental profitability.


Protect your dealership assets by producing accurate and timely data.

  • Devise reconciliation techniques that address inventory expense.
  • Analyze and understand your financial statements and DMS metrics.
  • Harness positive financial trends and minimize negative trends impacting all departments.
  • Master the three-day closing of your monthly financial statement.
  • Develop best practices for deal processing, RO work flow, parts reconciliation and inventory purchases.


Unlock frozen capital and stock the correct mix of parts to increase first time fill rate.

  • Learn how to best compete in your market.
  • Maximize parts turns and reduce obsolescence.
  • Develop parts processes that support the dealership vision.
  • Manage parts inventory to impact the bottom-line and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Understand financial metrics needed to improve department profitability.


Improve technician proficiency and customer retention for increased departmental profitability.

  • Learn how to best compete in your market.
  • Develop a service process that supports the dealership vision success.
  • Optimize service department operations and increased profits.
  • Harness new service potential to impact the bottom line and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Develop processes to recapture lost customers and retain new customers for improved CSI.


Core Competencies
Learn the job, secure your success

• Instructor-led
• Two days

Leadership Foundations
Learn to lead, leverage the power of many

• Instructor-led
• Two days

Human Resources Foundations
Learn to build your team, attract top talent

• Online

DMS Applications
Learn to find the data you need to succeed

• Online


 Worth every penny and time away from the store.  I learned a lot about myself and my team and has me thinking about the ways to improve.  Thank you!”

~Brooke, Executive Manager,
5 years automotive experience

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  • Designed by retail experts to fit your retail lifestyle.
  • Become the recognized expert in your dealer group.
  • Invest in yourself.
  • Gain the confidence to be secure in a leadership role.
  • $95 Non-Refundable Deposit.
  • $2995 Full Payment (includes deposit).

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2019 Tysons, Va.
2020 Jan. 8-9 Leadership

2020 West St. Paul, Minn.
Jan. 14-15 Sales Manager
Jan 16-17 Office Manager
Jan. 21-22 Parts Manager
Jan. 23-24 Service Manager
Feb. 25-26 Leadership
March 19-20 Leadership

2020 Phoenix, Ariz.
Feb. 4-5 Parts Manager
Feb. 6-7 Service Manager
Feb. 18-19 Sales Manager
Feb. 20-21 Office Manager
March 17-18 Leadership
March 24-25 Leadership

2020 Philadelphia, Pa.
April 14-15 Sales Manager
April 16-17 Office Manager
April 21-22 Parts Manager
April 23-24 Service Manager
June 9-10 Leadership
July 7-8 Leadership

2020 Atlanta, Ga.
May 12-13 Sales Manager
May 14-15 Office Manager
June 16-17 Parts Manager
June 18-19 Service Manager
July 14-15 Leadership
August 4-5 Leadership

2020 Tysons, Va.
May 19-20 Sales Manager
May 21-22 Office Manager
June 23-24 Parts Manager
June 25-26 Service Manager
July 21-22 Leadership
August 18-19 Leadership

2020 Detroit, Mich.
Sept. 15-16 Sales Manager
Sept. 17-18 Office Manager
Sept. 22-23 Parts Manager
Sept. 24-25 Service Manager
Nov. 3-4 Leadership
Nov. 17-18 Leadership

2020 Costa Mesa, Calif.
Oct. 6-7 Parts Manager
Oct. 8-9 Service Manager
Oct. 13-14 Sales Manager
Oct. 15-16 Office Manager
Dec. 8-9 Leadership
Dec. 15-16 Leadership

2020 Austin, Texas
Oct. 20-21 Parts Manager
Oct. 22-23 Service Manager
Nov. 10-11 Office Manager
Nov. 12-13 Sales Manager
Dec. 3-4 Leadership
Dec. 17-18 Leadership