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New Ford Tech’s FACT Program Celebrates 20-Year Relationship with Universal Technical Institute



For the aspiring service technician, Ford FACT—the high-tech training program offered by Ford and UTI—has a long and productive history.

Twenty years ago, Ford Motor Company teamed up with Universal Technical Institute (UTI) to create the Ford Accelerated Credential Training (FACT) program, which offers 15 weeks of specialized training designed to equip aspiring technicians with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to excel in a career with Ford.

Since 2000, students have had the opportunity to train on Ford’s breakthrough technology in UTI’s labs nationwide. Over the two decades, Ford Fact has jump-started the careers of more than 26,000 students who have trained on a wide variety of Ford models and earned valuable credentials to help them achieve their Master Tech status.

This milestone represents 20 years of preparing students to enter the pipeline of qualified technicians ready to work in the more than 3,200 Ford and Lincoln dealerships across the United States.

As the companies celebrate the anniversary of their partnership, their focus is on the severe shortage of qualified service techs in the automotive industry.

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, the industry needs to replace approximately 76,000 technicians each year to keep pace with retirements and new jobs in the sector. However, schools across the country are only graduating about 37,000 new technicians—leaving an annual shortage of 39,000 trained technicians.

The focused and accelerated Ford FACT program covers a wide variety of topics in a short period of time. Students are exposed to the advancements in auto manufacturing, including precise repair procedures while using the same types of diagnostic and testing equipment that Ford dealerships provide their own technicians. During the training, students have access to Ford’s breakthrough technology, including SYNC with MyFord Touch systems and computer diagnostics.

In order to qualify for the program, students must first complete their core Automotive Technology training. This provides them with a strong foundation of automotive knowledge before diving into the specifics of Ford’s technology.

The program starts with Ford boot camp, which takes a comprehensive approach to improving one’s diagnostic skills. Students also get an up-close look at Ford’s diesel engines, fuel injection and direct injection turbo engines. Students train on current models like the Lincoln Continental equipped with the latest technology package.

In addition to training, students have the opportunity to make valuable connections in the industry. Ford FACT students can attend exclusive Ford dealer hiring events where dealers from around the country meet students on campus. Some even make job offers to select students on the spot.

The relationship between Ford and UTI dates to 1999, when UTI’s Vice President of Industries at the time and a representative from Ford met at a conference and dreamed up ways they could work together. What started as a simple handshake and an idea on a napkin turned into what now is known as the Ford FACT program.

The program launched at UTI Avondale in Arizona and eventually expanded to nine campuses across the nation. Over the course of 20 years, the relationship between UTI and Ford has evolved drastically as the two companies have created an incredible program that has stood the test of time.

In addition to the FACT program, Ford also offers a variety of other programs and resources through New Ford Tech that teach the skills needed to start a career as a Ford/Lincoln automotive technician. This means students looking to start their career with Ford have plenty of options when it comes to completing their training.

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