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Coastal N.C. Dealer Fosters Inclusive Culture



Grant Loftin, dealer principal at Hyundai and Genesis of New Bern, N.C., has interpreted the welcoming culture of Hyundai into a community-oriented business inclusive of all.

The Hyundai ethos is to treat customers as one would a guest at home. Loftin ensures that his stores are welcoming to all, including employees, customers, and community members.

“We want everyone to be comfortable and feel like they can be themselves,” said Loftin. “I think we’ve achieved that at our dealership.”

Loftin makes hiring decisions based on people, not how they identify. Hyundai and Genesis of New Bern has fostered a welcoming and safe work environment for members of LGBTQ community, both employees and visitors.

Local to two Marine Corps bases, New Bern is home to a strong military community with people from across the country and world putting down roots in the small coastal town. With such diversity, Loftin strives to create a family culture among this team.

“We have a diverse community, and we have a diverse dealership. It reflects our community and we’re proud of that,” Loftin, who was born and raised in New Bern, said. “Dealers here are very connected to the community. The community supports us. We support the community.”

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