Member Benefits

In addition to continuous advocacy efforts made on your behalf, NADA and ATD members enjoy a variety of benefits to help keep their dealerships humming.

Education & Resources

  • NADA University Online is an online, state-of-the-art training platform that allows a dealer member to assign and deliver online training to any dealership staff personnel. Visit and take advantage of online training.

  • Driven Management Guides cover a wide variety of topics critical to dealership operations. Members can search and download approximately 70 guides on various dealership topics in a PDF format from

  • The NADA Academy is a program that includes live, comprehensive training for the next generation of dealers. Visit for more information.

  • Webinars are 30-minute online seminars presented by industry subject matter experts and focus on solutions to key issues affecting your dealership. Recorded webinars can be found on

The NADA Workforce Study

  • The annual NADA Workforce Study is free for all participating members. Data collected and analyzed includes salaries, benefits, retention and turnover rates. Visit for more information and to sign up.

News and Publications

  • NADA Headlines is a daily newsletter is a compilation of the latest industry related news and is delivered via email. Members with valid email addresses will automatically receive this benefit. To manage your preferences, visit

  • ATD Insider is a weekly newsletter for heavy duty truck members. Members will automatically receive this electronic publication via email or fax. To manage your ATD Insider preferences, visit

  • Transport Topic News is a printed newspaper specifically for keeping up with the latest truck industry news. Medium and heavy-duty truck members will automatically receive this publication as long as their membership is active. To modify your preferences, contact

  • The Official NADA Used Car Guide® or the ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide® subscription is included in each membership. These value guides will automatically be mailed to each active member each month. For more information on these guides, visit

Other Online Resources

Online Resources for members-only include access to website content on as well as PDF documents and articles.

  • NADA Leadership is currently detailed on our About Us page and includes a list of our current Board of Directors, Executive staff, and past Presidents and Chairmen.
  • Member-Only content on can be accessed after logging in. Search for topics available to members-only.

Discounts for Members

  • Save on registration fees for the NADA/ATD Annual Convention.
  • UPS discounts for your dealership are part of your member benefit package, so take advantage.