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New Podcast Episode: What the Future Dealership Will Look Like



Rob Treadway

Robert Treadway

Membership Communications & Marketing Manager

Industry researcher and consultant Glenn Mercer joins us on the latest episode of Driving Ahead, the NADA podcast, to explore how today’s trends will affect the dealership of tomorrow.

With so much disruption occurring in the automotive space at the moment, Mercer has no shortage of topics to address, from the surge of electric vehicles to the debate between brick-and-mortar versus online sales models. 

  • On EV sales, Mercer says “I think general consensus is no, we're not where the OEMs expected we would be at this point in time,” but he predicts they'll dominate by 2030-2035, and ponders why American consumers cannot follow global trends. 
  • He offers a reality check on autonomous vehicles, questioning whether they can match human drivers' safety records. 
  • As economic forecasts remain bullish, Mercer discusses strategic choices of industry players like Tesla and Rivian who opted for direct control over the customer experience instead of leveraging the existing robust dealer networks. 
  • He explains that a "bricks and clicks" business model is succeeding in today’s marketplace, emphasizing the enduring importance of physical storefronts alongside online platforms.
  • Looking ahead, Mercer predicts subtle shifts in dealership operations, but reassures dealers of their adaptability and resilience.

Tune in for more of Mercer’s expert insights into the evolving automotive landscape on this episode of Driving Ahead.

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