Driving Ahead: The NADA Podcast

Driving Ahead: The NADA Podcast

In these roughly 30-minute episodes, NADA engages in thought-provoking conversations with leaders in business, technology and entertainment about key trends shaping the future of the automotive world. Listen below or on your favorite podcast app.



S1:E11 Hydrogen: Fuel of the Future?, with Andrew Hinkly

Hydrogen technology investor Andrew Hinkly discusses practical applications of hydrogen tech that are in use now as well as planned for the future. View on YouTube. Read the blog.

S1:E10 The Brain Science Behind Selling Cars, with Dr. Daniel Lieberman

Daniel Lieberman, MD, explains how we can harness the power of brain chemicals to improve customer experiences and stand out against competitors.  View on YouTube. Read the blog.

S1:E9 What the Future Dealership Will Look Like, with Glenn Mercer

Industry researcher and consultant Glenn Mercer explores how today’s trends will affect the dealership of tomorrow.  View on YouTube. Read the blog.

S1:E8 The Future of Effective Communication with Mike Allen & Roy Schwartz

Mike Allen and Roy Schwartz explain the power of “Smart Brevity” to redefine communication efficacy and drive engagement.  View on YouTube. Read the blog.

S1:E7 The Future of Customer Evangelism with Jared Orton

Jared Orton, president of the Savannah Bananas minor league baseball team, speaks about a "fans-first" mentality.  View on YouTube. Read the blog.

S1:E6 The Intertwined Future of Geopolitics and Energy with Daniel Yergin

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and S&P Global vice chairman Daniel Yergin joins us to discuss the geopolitics of energy.  View on YouTube. Read the blog.

S1:EP5 "Designing the Future Customer Experience with Paul and Andrew Walser"

Paul & Andrew Walser, who operate 30 dealerships in four states, discuss continuously improving the customer experience. View on YouTube. Read the blog.

S1:EP4 "Crossing the Chasm with Geoffrey Moore"

Technology theorist, marketer and best-selling author Geoffrey Moore discusses roadblocks to mass EV adoption. View on YouTube. Read the blog.

S1:EP3 "2024 and Beyond with John Murphy"

Senior Auto Analyst at Bank of America, John Murphy talks about EVs in the US market, his forecast for new vehicle sales in 2024, and so much more! View on YouTube. Read the blog.

S1:EP2 "The Coming Chinese Juggernaut? with Michael Dunne"

Asian auto industry expert, Michael Dunne chats with Jonathan Collegio about China’s leading role in the development of next generation auto tech. View on YouTube. Read the blog.

S1:EP1 "The Winning Formula with Peter Boulware"

Former NFL linebacker Peter Boulware shares his keys to success, on and off the field, and the importance of being a role model in his community. View on YouTube. Read the blog.

S1:Trailer "Welcome to Driving Ahead"

Welcome to Driving Ahead, the official podcast of the National Automobile Dealers Association

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Chris Porter, SVP and chief demographer, John Burns Research & Consulting.


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