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New Podcast Episode: Hydrogen: Fuel of the Future?



Rob Treadway

Robert Treadway

Membership Communications & Marketing Manager

On the road towards a sustainable future, one element is emerging as a possible game-changer: hydrogen. On the latest episode of Driving Ahead, the NADA podcast, we delve into the world of hydrogen and its remarkable potential with automotive and mining expert Andrew Hinkly, managing partner at AP Ventures.

Hydrogen is a flexible form of energy that can exist as a gas or liquid. What's more, it boasts the incredible ability to be integrated seamlessly into our existing energy infrastructure, making it a transitional alternative with vast possibilities, especially in the heavy-duty trucking sector.

Through fuel cells, dual-fuel conversions and the utilization of low-carbon fuels, Hinkly says that hydrogen is poised for more mainstream adoption in the auto industry in the next five years. 

Success stories from New Zealand and Sweden prove the viability of mass hydrogen use that could pave the way for global adoption. Even in the realm of light-duty vehicles, hydrogen-powered models like the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo are making waves. Hinkly's firsthand experience with the Mirai underscores its excellence, hinting at a promising future for hydrogen-powered cars.

He also gives us a science lesson about fuel cells and how they work, recombining oxygen and hydrogen to power a motor. What’s required to do this is a catalyst that hangs under every ICE vehicle presently: platinum. 

“[If] all of that platinum is recycled, the U.S. is virtually self-sufficient,” he says. 

A hydrogen fuel cell automobile is still an “electric vehicle,” however batteries in a fuel cell vehicle use less critical minerals and are significantly smaller than that used in a BEV.

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