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New Podcast Episode: The Brain Science Behind Selling Cars



Rob Treadway

Robert Treadway

Membership Communications & Marketing Manager

What does dopamine have to do with your business? According to psychiatrist and The Molecule of More author Dr. Daniel Lieberman, everything. 

On the latest episode of Driving Ahead, the NADA podcast, Lieberman explains how dopamine—often simplistically labeled as the "pleasure chemical"—along with endorphins, endocannabinoids and oxytocin have profound implications on consumer behavior, purchasing decisions, consumer delight, and brand loyalty.

Who knew brain science had so much to do with selling cars?

Lieberman educates us on what triggers brain chemical responses that leave a lasting impression on customers. This underscores the significance of creating memorable experiences throughout the customer journey.

If you want to trigger that dopamine, you've got to move outside of what's being pitched that they haven't expected yet, such as fantastic customer service,” he says.

By tapping into the power of anticipation, surprise and exceeding expectations, anyone in the automotive industry can drive customer delight, foster brand loyalty and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market. Learn how by listening now.

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