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NADA Professional Series: New Development Program for Dealership Parts Managers



Georgia Munson

Georgia Munson

NADA Academy Instructor

I have a nickname for my husband Rich. I call him “Inspector Gadget.” Why?  If there is an accessory, tool, garment, widget or part for a mountain bike or a motorcycle – he owns it. If a neighbor or friend needs a “bearing puller,” which, by the way, is an unusual tool to have at home, he’s your guy. If our garage was a parts department and he was the parts manager, we’d be out of business. Fortunately for him, he has a loving wife that doesn’t audit his parts department.

If you aspire to be a great Parts Manager and Leader for your company, register for the Parts Management track in NADA’s new Professional Series. This program will provide the expertise and training needed to fill the skill gaps and develop your ideal career path.

You will learn how to grow your inventory responsibly and improve your first-time fill rates without growing your obsolete parts. You will better understand lost sales and how to use your DMS system to track them.  You’ll learn your leadership style and how to influence your peers and to develop your employees to be the best versions of themselves.

There are only 6 classes available for this Professional Series: Parts Manager and Leadership Class in 2018. Sign up today to ensure you have the skills to gain instant success as a leading Parts Manager.

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