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NADA Professional Series: New Development Program for Dealership Office Managers



Georgia Munson

Georgia Munson

NADA Academy Instructor

As a young professional in the car business, I was comfortable being a contributor but I always had the desire to be shown the “big picture.” I wanted to know why and how my individual contributions helped my company achieve its goals. Thankfully, I was lucky to have great mentors help me see how the pieces worked together.

Managing an office is like managing a puzzle. A great Office Manager is able to know where each piece of the puzzle fits to reveal a monthly picture of the dealership’s health and performance. Then, the office manager must rinse and repeat the process the next month – all while being a leader for all departments and their own staff.

If you want to be an Office Manager and Leader for your company, register for the Office Management track in NADA’s new Professional Series.

This program will provide the expertise and training needed to fill the skill gaps and develop your ideal career path. You will learn:

  • The foundations of navigating the balance sheet, income statement and OEM chart of accounts
  • How the liquidity of assets move up the balance sheet and turn into much-needed cash to run your business
  • Financial metrics you should be monitoring and how to develop action plans for expenses and receivables
  • How to spot anomalies in your accounting schedules
  • How to develop your own personal leadership style and tips to recruit and onboard top-level talent.

There are only six classes available for this Professional Series: Office Manager and Leadership Class in 2018. Sign up today to ensure you have the skills to gain instant success as a great Office Manager.

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