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Leading US Auto Analyst Lays Out Reasons for EV Slowdown, Predicts Broader Industry Sales Upswing Soon



Rob Treadway

Robert Treadway

Membership Communications & Marketing Manager

Bank of America Securities managing director and lead US auto analyst John Murphy recently appeared on NADA’s new podcast, Driving Ahead, to discuss a range of topics including electrification, consumer satisfaction ratings, China, travel speed/design, AI and used cars. He also gives his five- and 10-year outlooks—and we promise, dealers will like them. Here are some snippets of what Murphy had to say:

  • On the EV trend holding up the way OEMs originally thought: “The consumers still have a lot of concerns that just aren’t answered yet.”
  • On consumer satisfaction: “People are pretty happy with their ICE vehicles. They don’t have an incentive to make a big switch and take a risk yet.”
  • On China: “The rate of change in the last five years for the Chinese manufacturers … has been remarkable.”
  • On travel speed and design: “It's bonkers. It's an analog system from 100 years ago.”
  • On auto sales in the near future: “It’s all kind of winding up in a very beautiful way, at least for our forecast.”

Hear his full explanations, predictions and insights in the full episode out now.

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