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How to Optimize Your Customer Experience From Start to Finish

Published September 25, 2023


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The automotive industry is undergoing a major technological transformation. Brick-and-mortar dealerships now compete with online marketplaces, and consumers have high expectations. To stay in the game, auto businesses must continue making transformative changes to engage customers that expect digitization and convenience.

Challenges and opportunities

Car dealerships today face unique challenges as the world shifts to digital means of conducting business. However, physical touchpoints are still critical. “From purchasing a vehicle to bringing a car in for an oil change and receiving a loaner car during repairs, each touchpoint is incredibly important for a dealership and has a direct impact on whether or not the customer will return for future services or purchases,” says Susan Anderson, Global Head of Uber for Business. Dealerships have an opportunity not just to meet customers where they are, but to exceed their expectations.

Embracing digitization to enhance the in-person experience

Digital touchpoints in the car-buying experience aren’t going anywhere. Consumers appreciate the ability to browse inventory online, conduct their own research, and compare vehicles at their leisure.

The good news for dealerships is that the majority of car buyers prefer a hybrid or in-person experience. While research is easily done online, seeing and test-driving a car and discussing finances in real time are important parts of the experience that are best done in-person.

It’s in a dealership’s best interest to continue embracing digital practices—such as regularly updating their websites with current inventory and using CRM tools to sign paperwork online—to complement and enhance physical experiences for their customers.

Prioritizing the customer experience post-purchase

A customer’s experience doesn’t end when they sign on the dotted line and drive off the lot. Nearly half of a dealership’s revenue comes from fixed operations,  so it’s important to deliver an elevated experience to customers before and after they purchase a car.

When a dealership services a car, it often means that the customer doesn’t have an easy way to get from the dealership to their office or back home. Some dealerships have a shuttle service available, but shuttle rides often mean long wait times and can be expensive to maintain and run.

Loaner cars are another alternative, but they have their own drawbacks and overhead costs. Availability can be limited, so only some customers will have access to loaner vehicles. Otherwise dealers are forced to limit the number of customers they can serve in order to ensure that loaner cars are available.

One way to solve for this is by replacing or supplementing shuttle or loaner-car services with rideshare options. Consumers have grown accustomed to using rideshare in their daily lives. They know it’s reliable, efficient, and private.

Rideshare also helps dealerships control their budget for customer transportation. Dealerships will pay only for the rides that customers take, allowing them to  prioritize efficiency and lower costs while also delighting their customers. And postive experiences can lead to improved customer satisfaction index scores.

Getting great experiences on the road

Uber for Business understands that creating seamless experiences for your customers and keeping costs down is a priority—and we can help.

Our platform allows dealerships to request courtesy rides for customers, send parts for repair, and help employees get where they need to go. No more waiting around the dealership all day or being at the mercy of the shuttle schedule to get across town.

For dealerships using CDK Global as a DMS, the Uber for Business and CDK Hailer integration makes it easy to request rides with Uber on behalf of guests and customers.

Set your business apart and join the thousands of auto dealerships nationwide already enjoying the benefits of Uber for Business. No matter how your dealership manages customer transportation today, we can help you exceed your customers’ expectations moving forward.

Learn more about how Uber for Business helps dealerships get their customers where they need to go.

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