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Florida’s Huston Automotive Group Proves that Dealers are Committed to Being Electric Vehicle Experts



Dealers have always been committed to selling the vehicles consumers want and that comes with being experts of the models in their showrooms and that come through the service bay. That’s why the franchised new-car model works – the retailers across the country are the best source of information for customers. And customers are happy; according to Cox Automotive, 79% of all new-vehicle buyers reported that they were highly satisfied when considering their dealership experience.

As more and more consumers adopt EVs, NADA and the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) have launched an innovative online EV training to ensure that dealerships remain those experts. The sales certification program, ElectrifIQ, arms dealership personnel with the training they need to educate car shoppers about the intricacies of EV ownership.

Huston Automotive Group in Lake Wales, Fla. has jumped right in and has committed to certifying each and every employee with the ElectrifiQ program – the first dealership nationwide to do so. Huston Automotive Group's commitment highlights their dedication to sustainability, innovation, and unparalleled customer service.

Co-owner of Huston Automotive Group Dave Huston shared that “by certifying every employee in electric vehicle training, we are empowering our team to deliver exceptional customer experiences in the fast-growing EV market.”

In the 90-minute training course, dealership staff learn to prepare and inform their customers about EV ownership and address concerns. The program covers a wide range of topics, including EV technology fundamentals, charging infrastructure, battery maintenance, and customer education. 

Tim Huston, also co-owner of Huston Auto Group, added: “The ElectrifIQ certification program has equipped our team with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve our customers effectively in the electric vehicle era.”

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