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Employee Retention: Are Your Managers the Problem or the Solution? 



Employers often focus on compensation, benefits and culture – all of which are important – in improving retention. However, McKinsey & Co’s 2022 research found that people cited their managers as one of the top three reasons for quitting their jobs. 

Having the right people in the right roles is the first step, but giving them the training and tools to succeed is equally important. 

Dealers, managers and industry leaders at the 2024 Women Driving Auto Retail event hosted in conjunction with the NADA Show shared their recommendations for successful management during a networking portion sponsored by Solera. Below are highlights of their advice. 


Clear communication benefits the whole organization. One of the best ways to set people up for success is to explicitly outline their expectations – and involve them in the process. 

Effective managers take the time to understand what kind of support their reports need and what motivates performance. For example, one salesperson may be driven by the prospect of promotion while another is chasing more commission. Managers can develop goals and mold the working relationship around this knowledge. 


There are big and small ways that managers can show that they respect their employees’ time and work. Ask if it is a good time before starting an unscheduled conversation. This allows the employee to share any tasks (a customer waiting for a phone call or a pressing deadline) that may take priority. 

Not everyone’s work hours align. Using tools like delayed-send emails help reduce pressure to work outside business hours and distinguish the communications that require immediate attention. 


Culture starts at the top, and it falls to leadership to enforce respect for all employees and customers, including a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment.  

Managers can be role models for culture across the board. By being transparent about their work-life balance and personal responsibilities, managers create an atmosphere where their team members feel comfortable advocating for their own needs in order to stay happy and healthy in their role.  

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