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A Day in the Life of Auto Retail  



Leslie Jefferson wants to show you how she rolls through her workday.

Jefferson, a buyer for the Pohanka Automotive Group, shops for a living, sourcing vehicles for the dealership group through innovative and creative methods. That means cold calling, internet sleuthing and leaving her card on vehicles out and about.

And she does it all in a wheelchair.

“The automotive industry has taught me grit, gratitude and goals,” Jefferson says as she outlines her day, which starts well before the sun rises.

Jefferson approaches it all with a smile because she loves her career and the opportunities it has given her.

“There are no obstacles or barriers for me in this industry,” Jefferson says. “Automotive retail offers the most rewarding career for strong persons that want an everchanging life, no matter your ability.”

As we celebrate Disability Pride Month this July, NADA honors the talents, skills and valuable perspectives those in the disability community bring to the workplace, and to their communities, through leadership and hard work.

This month is about disability awareness, acceptance, and pride. A diverse and inclusive workplace makes the auto retail industry stronger, healthier, and more competitive.

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