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Kaye Lynch-Sparks

Kaye Lynch-Sparks

Associate Director, Regulatory and Legal Affairs

As of last week, dealers are eligible to apply for ENERGY STAR certification. Your dealership can be one of the first ENERGY STAR certified dealerships and receive recognition by both NADA and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) for your efforts to save energy, save money, and help protect the environment.

ENERGY STAR helps building owners and managers determine the most cost-effective approach to managing their energy use—enabling dealerships to save energy and money and boost competitiveness. For buildings, eligibility for ENERGY STAR certification means a dealership performs more efficiently than 75% of similar buildings nationwide.

Want to Be One of the First?

For dealers who want to show their leadership: Submit your application for ENERGY STAR certification by Tuesday, Jan. 9. The first dealers to meet the certification requirements will recognized nationally through an EPA press release and be featured in NADA announcements.

How Do I Get Started?

Using the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool, which provides dealers with a 1 to 100 score on their energy use. Dealerships with energy performance scores of 75 and higher will be eligible to earn the ENERGY STAR designation and will receive a certificate of achievement.

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