New Video: NADA Highlights the Benefits of Franchised Dealers for Recalls and Warranty Claims


McLEAN, Va. (Jan. 8, 2015) -- Local new-car dealers put their customers first with a network of professional auto technicians who provide quick and efficient service during vehicle warranty and safety recall situations, says the National Automobile Dealers Association in a new animated video released today as part of its "Get the Facts" initiative.

"Dealers side with their customers on warranty claims and recalls and make sure the work gets done right," says NADA. "Local dealers work with manufacturers to get the necessary parts and car owners can choose the dealership of their choice to get the work done. The manufacturer benefits from a huge network of well-trained service professionals at dealerships to get recalls remedied."

NADA's "Get the Facts" initiative is designed to inform policymakers, opinion leaders and the media about the numerous benefits of the dealer franchise network through a variety of multimedia resources and videos available at

Dealers and local dealer associations are encouraged to link to the videos on their websites, and with permission can co-brand the videos with their own logos. For more information about co-branding content from NADA's "Get the Facts" initiative, contact .

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