NADA Urges EPA to Give a Fair Review of California Waiver Decision


Statement of John McEleney
Chairman, National Automobile Dealers Association
In Reaction to the Environmental Protection Agency's Announcement on the California Waiver Public Comment Process

WASHINGTON (Feb. 6, 2009) “It is apparent from its notice that EPA has all but made up its mind to allow for state-by-state fuel economy/greenhouse gas regulations, which is contrary to the President's statement against a 'confusing and patchwork set of standards that hurts the environment and the auto industry.' The nation's auto dealers instead urge EPA to have a fair and frank national debate over the California Air Resources Board's (CARB) continued campaign to regulate fuel economy at the state level. We are confident that once all the facts are known, the Administration will decide that the best policy is to maintain a single, national fuel economy standard. The state-by-state patchwork approach, advocated by CARB, should be rejected once and for all. The California approach is riddled with exemptions, loopholes and unintended consequences that are counterproductive to the stated goals of advancing energy security and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

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