NADA Offers 8 Simples Steps to Lower Gas Costs


MCLEAN, Va. (October 31, 2005) - Millions of Americans are feeling the pinch of higher prices at the pump and looking for ways to cut costs. The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) has developed a new downloadable fact sheet with fuel-efficiency tips for consumers, 8 Simple Steps to Lower Fuel Costs.

"Dealers are concerned about the impact of higher gas prices on their communities, and hope these tips will help to ease the burden," said Jack Kain, NADA chairman. "Beyond cutting costs, these steps are good for the environment."

NADA's fact sheet recommends that consumers take the following measures to lower gas costs:

  1. Be sure that your vehicle is regularly maintained and repaired by qualified auto technicians;
  2. Use the recommended grade of motor oil and fuel for your vehicle;
  3. Keep your tires properly inflated at all times;
  4. Don't exceed the posted speed limit;
  5. Use overdrive gears and cruise control, when safe and appropriate;
  6. Eliminate quick starts and aggressive driving;
  7. Clean out your vehicle regularly to reduce unnecessary weight;
  8. Avoid rush hour driving and combine trips, whenever possible.

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