NADA Bulletins on Safety, Fuel Economy Will Help Sales Staff, Consumers


WASHINGTON (June 11, 2012) -- Two new bulletins from the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) will help new-vehicle sales staff respond to consumer questions on safety and fuel economy:


  • A two-page Q/A bulletin issued jointly by NADA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration aims to help sales staff respond to consumer questions on “stars-for-cars” safety information. This new information is required on Monroney labels starting with Model Year 2012 light-duty vehicles rated and manufactured after Jan. 31, 2012. The  Dealer Guide to NHTSA's 5-Star Safety Rating Label  describes how vehicles are rated, what the new labels look like, and how consumers can compare between vehicles.
  • A four-page Q/A bulletin, Revised EPA/NHTSA Fuel Economy Labels, addresses the revised fuel economy and emissions information required for MY 2013 and later vehicles. Designed to allow for better comparisons between vehicles, this revised information also typically will be set out on light-duty Monroney labels.

It's important to note that while vehicle manufacturers are responsible for putting this information on Monroney labels, dealership personnel must not remove these labels prior to vehicle delivery. 

Editor's note: These bulletins are for informational purposes only. They work best when used electronically, but are also designed to be printed double-sided for distribution to new-vehicle sales personnel and interested customers, as needed.

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