Commentary: A Good Deal for Everyone



June 2014

Price Competition. Public Safety. Greater Convenience for American Consumers. We've said this before but now we're showing everyone why new-car dealers are vital to the economy and to their local communities.

NADA has launched a major "Get The Facts" initiative. Aimed at the media, opinion leaders and policymakers, the campaign promotes the benefits of franchised auto dealers and provides key facts about our businesses.

NADA has rolled out a variety of multimedia resources and an informative new webpage, .

The centerpiece is a must-see animated video, "A Good Deal for Everyone," that details the value of franchised dealers in the car buying process-including the significance of performing warranty and safety recall work.

We're also highlighting the economic engine that is the dealer franchise network. There are 17,700 new-car dealerships with nearly 32,000 domestic and international franchises across every state in the country that employ more than 1 million people.

There have been many misconceptions about the dealer business. NADA's "Get The Facts" initiative sets the record straight about who we are and what we do.

We're making sure that the car-buying public-along with everyone else-understands that what we do is "A Good Deal for Everyone."

McConnell is president of McConnell Honda/Acura in Montgomery, Ala.

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