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#WomenInAutomotive Contest Winners

Published March 22, 2018


Abram Olmstead, Profile Photo, 2021

Abram Olmstead

Senior Director, Digital Media

We have seen the automotive industry’s future and it is decidedly female.

In late January, NADA launched its #WomenInAutomotive contest on social media, inviting women in the industry to share a quick video talking about their experiences, and how they encourage other women to consider pursuing automotive careers.

The response has been overwhelming and inspiring. The video entries covered the gamut: from women who have spent decades breaking down stereotypes to women who were just getting started in the industry. “I fell in love with [the industry] from the first minute I walked into the first dealership which was a Studebaker dealership,” said Lee Bobowicz, controller at Manahawkin Kia in Manahawkin, New Jersey.

One thing they all share is a passion for their jobs and their desire to help more women discover their next careers in the industry. “Right now, I make it a purpose of mine to find other women and encourage them to come into this wonderful career,” said Erikka Tiffani, sales manager at Jim Ellis Audi Marietta in Georgia. “I’ve recruited many friends and some of my own family members into this business because I truly, truly believe in it and what it has to offer.”

It wasn’t easy, but here are our 10 favorite submissions. Each of these winners will receive a free Apple Watch. Be sure to check out all the great submissions here or by searching for the #WomenInAutomotive hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.