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VIDEO: Nissan VP Discusses Impact of Branding Collaboration with Star Wars



Abram Olmstead, Senior Director

Abram Olmstead

Senior Director, Digital Media

“It’s easy to sign a deal with a brand; it’s easy to slap labels on the product and call it a partnership,” said Jeremy Tucker, Vice President of Media & Marketing for Nissan, during the recent 2017 AutoConference LA. What a waste of money, he added. Apparently, great branding requires a bit more effort.

After achieving record-breaking numbers with their Rogue One partnership in 2016, Tucker highlighted some of the takeaways and discussed plans for partnering with dealers to expand Nissan’s Star Wars branding with The Last Jedi in 2017.

“The key to our success has been thinking about the dealers upfront, to allow true collaboration with the brands and integration at a national level that is consistent all the way down to the local retail experience.”

Check out the full talk here: