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The Solution For Reaching Dealership Decision Makers



Abram Olmstead, Senior Director

Abram Olmstead

Senior Director, Digital Media

Nearly every day, someone asks how they can effectively communicate a message to the nation’s dealership community.

It’s not an easy task.

With thousands of businesses that have ideas and products that can help streamline and improve various dealership goals and objectives, it makes sense, though, that this is a priority.

But dealership owners and managers are working around the clock to both stay competitive and provide the best service to their customers, employees, and communities, so your message must be delivered with timeliness and through a medium the dealers trust—the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).

Here are several great advertising options for reaching dealers:

  • Banner ads on

  • Daily e-newsletter advertising and sponsored content

  • Sponsored blog posts

  • Retargeting campaigns

  • Event sponsorships, and more!

To find the digital advertising solution that meets your marketing objectives, contact NADA’s advertising expert, Michele Schaner, at

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