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Popular Tech Theorist Discusses Challenges on the Road to Mass EV Adoption 



Rob Treadway

Robert Treadway

Membership Communications & Marketing Manager

There are practical obstacles when it comes to moving a new technology like electric vehicles from early adopters to the mass market.

On this episode of NADA’s podcast Driving Ahead, we welcome Geoffrey Moore, marketer, technology theorist and author known for his bestselling book Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers. Moore used electric vehicles as an example in the first edition of Crossing the Chasm in 1991. In the third edition of the book in 2014, he was able to use Tesla as a real-world example.

Moore says that society naturally segregates itself into five communities in regards to technology adoption. Groups adopting new technology, in order from first to last, are:

  1. Technology enthusiasts
  2. Visionaries – or early adopters
  3. Pragmatists – or the early majority
  4. Conservatives – or the late majority
  5. Skeptics

Is America caught in the chasm between visionaries and pragmatists in the adoption cycle of EVs? What will motivate pragmatists to take the leap and start adopting EVs? Moore discusses several specific roadblocks facing everyone from OEMs to the general public, and possible half steps that may be taken along the road to mass EV adoption, in this episode of Driving Ahead.

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