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NADA's Social Connection Zone Shows Dealers How to Effectively Use Social Assets



Na'Tasha Jones

The Social Connection Zone (SCZ) is an unbiased space to get your digital marketing questions answered. In it’s seventh year, SCZ will go beyond the basics of social media and highlight the latest trends in digital marketing while also offering insight into how to best manage all things marketing and communication.

Based on the experiences and challenges faced by NADA members over the last several years, marketing expert Jessica Levin* and her team have created a program based on industry trends. They have developed short, 30-minute classes that will touch upon some of the most important topics in dealer marketing.

In addition to daily learning sessions, attendees can get one-on-one advice from our social connectors. This will be your chance to get some free consulting, courtesy of NADA. There are no “stupid questions” at SCZ. This is a safe space to ask about your most pressing social media and digital marketing issues or get help with a tech question that keeps you up at night. From mobile app recommendations to big picture ideas, SCZ has it all.

In addition, representatives will be prepared to answer any questions related to the NADA Show mobile app and help make your on-site experience the best it could be. Plus, don't forget to ask at the Social Connection Zone about how you can have a chance to win awesome daily prizes by participating in our NADA Show Scavenger Hunt. No appointment is needed, but we will happily reserve a time for you that meets your schedule. Feel free to stop by at anytime during the show for a quick lesson or an in-depth class.

Levin says, “We’ve seen the industry evolve over the last few years. Dealers are making smarter decisions and are more informed that ever. The Social Connection Zone is a convenient experience for them that covers hot topics, but more importantly, provides the opportunity to get objective advice on marketing.”

Social Connection Zone Sessions Schedule

Located at Booth 3437C

Who’s Behind the Marketing Wheel? We’ll explore who should own different digital channels and where should you put your best salespeople. We will discuss how you can best leverage your resources, what an integrated approach looks like in 2018 and what modern social media is all about. (30 minutes)

Friday, March 23, 9am

Saturday, March 24, 10am

Sunday, March 25, 11am

The Rise of the Bots: What’s up with AUTOmation? This session will focus on marketing automation with a specific emphasis on chatbots. We will include an overview of the technology and the pros and cons of using it to communicate with customers and where it fits into the sales process. (30 minutes)

Friday, March 23, noon

Saturday, March 24, noon

The New Model of Local Search

Search is always changing, and keeping up keeps you in front of the competition. This session will highlight some tips as well as some of Google’s latest features for staying connected to customers and prospects. (30 minutes)

Friday, March 23, 1pm

Be sure to add these sessions to your weekend itinerary, or squeeze in time for a one-on-one appointment and get up to speed on the tips and tools you need to successfully execute your social and digital strategies.

Still need to register for NADA Show 2018? Visit the NADA Show 2018 website to secure your spot today.

NADA Show 2018 takes place March 22-25 in Las Vegas.


*Social Connection Zone host Jessica Levin is an award-winning marketing strategist, speaker and author. Joining NADA for a sixth year, she combines her expertise in digital marketing with an approachable style. As president of Seven Degrees Communications, she was named a 2017 New Jersey Brand Builder by Leading Women Entrepreneurs. She’s been inducted into New Jersey’s Advertising Hall of Fame and was named a Top 50 Women in Business by NJBiz.  She has authored two books: Perfect Pairings: The Art of Connecting People and Everyone Has Sh*t: Unsolicited Advice for Being Human.

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