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NADA EV Education Efforts Recognized by White House EV Acceleration Challenge



The White House recently recognized NADA for its collaboration with the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) to launch online dealer training on the nuances of selling electric vehicles and accelerate mass-market EV adoption. NADA’s goal to make training available to over 180,000 salespeople in 2023 was included as part of the White House’s EV Acceleration Challenge.

In the training, salespeople will learn about the different kinds of EVs, chargers, and batteries to better educate their customers and quiet any concerns about EV ownership. They will master topics such as range anxiety and awareness, home, public, and commercial charging, regenerative braking, and incentives. The course will be updated regularly so salespeople can stay current with the latest technology and trends and help consumers navigate the ever-evolving landscape of EVs.

The central goal is to train at least two salespeople at each of the nation’s 18,000 dealerships and establish the course as an industry standard of EV training.

CSE’s deep experience in the data-driven design and administration of large-scale EV and EV charging incentive programs will inform the initiative’s content. CSE runs EV incentive programs across eight states and has interacted with over 600,000 new EV buyers through programs it administers. Governments, utilities and the private sector trust CSE for its data-driven and software-enabled approach, deep domain expertise and customer-focused team.

Dealers are all-in on EVs and given that they are essential for mass-market EV adoption, they are eager for more tools to aid their consumers in the transition to electric.


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