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NADA Chairman Says Dealers Are Helping America Get Back to Work



“America’s auto dealers are putting people back to work,” said NADA Chairman Rhett Ricart in a recent video message to dealers, employees and customers. “We’re leading the way to reopen our doors, safely, and to help restart America’s economy efficiently.”

Dealers across the country have been supporting their communities during this time with a myriad of philanthropic giving—ranging from charitable grants to the donations of medical supplies to providing complimentary auto maintenance to first responders. Now, dealers across the country are ready to get back to work and provide Americans with safe, reliable personal transportation.

In his message, Ricart underscored the importance of safety. “Safety is our first concern – both for our staff and for the customers who rely on us. To keep everyone safe, we’re maintaining safe social distancing; we’re wearing personal protective equipment while we service cars and help folks who might need a new or used car during this difficult time.”

Ricart also highlighted the importance of the country’s franchised new-car and-truck dealerships to the U.S. economy, noting that “over half of America’s dealerships have only one or two stores that employ 70 people. We are Main Street’s businesses—mostly small but with a huge workforce—over 1.1 million strong. We are the backbone of local economies.”

Chairman Ricart left the country with a simple message: “Please always remember, when you need us, we’ll be there.”