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NADA Announces Launch of New Website



Abram Olmstead, Senior Director

Abram Olmstead

Senior Director, Digital Media

Today, NADA completed the launch of its new flagship website (, featuring a one-stop auto retail news hub for the dealership community.

This is not your average trade association website. It will be updated around the clock with news and content spanning education, public policy, videos, blog posts and graphics showcasing all the work that we all do on a day-to-day basis.

We built some unique new innovations into the platform including a new issue page section tailored to provide a better customer journey for accessing our vast array of resources, and the all-new dealership news hub. The site was built with a focus on improving SEO and mobile accessibility for all users.

The issue pages were created as a comprehensive resource for finding any type of content relating to respective dealership resources. These pages allow any audience a common and intuitive customer journey for finding desired content.

Websites used to be seen as repositories of information – a place where our members might go once or twice a year to download a compliance document or pay their dues. And although all the same resources will still be available, we wanted to create a platform giving the dealership community more timely resources and a reason to visit our platform every day of the week. 

Our vision is to have the new news hub be the homepage for every dealer principal and dealership staffer in the United States – a hub where everyone who works in and around auto retail can get everything they need to effectively run their dealerships or departments including breaking news, best practices, education and more.

Please bookmark our site – especially the news hub – as a favorite in the browser of your choice and join our community by returning often.

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