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Hiring Top Talent in the Competitive Automotive Industry

Published September 6, 2019

Recruiting in the automotive industry is more challenging than ever. With sky-high turnover rates and more technicians retiring every year, keeping a full headcount and staying profitable can be tricky.

“We spend all of our time helping dealerships. We hear first-hand how hard it is,” says Brett Masterson, Indeed’s Automotive Vertical Director. “We are passionate about helping each dealership with their unique hiring challenges.”

For most dealerships, a lower headcount also impacts the amount of monthly co-op dollars received from moving cars off the lot, as well as customer service index scores. Having an understaffed team not only accumulates overtime pay but shifts the burden to existing employees.

Worldwide job search engine, Indeed, has had to adjust as well. Four years ago, Indeed created an Automotive Hiring Team in response to the challenges in the automotive hiring space. The team has grown to include 40+ account executives who specialize in sourcing quality automotive candidates.

Indeed accounts for 75% of all external hires and delivers more hires than all other sources--like Craigslist, LinkedIn, Monster and ZipRecruiter--combined. In fact, there were over 14K daily searches for automotive jobs on Indeed in 2019. In this booming job market, technicians—with or without a job—are constantly search for better opportunities. The sheer volume of job seeker traffic helps Masterson and his hiring team find relevant candidates for their dealership clients.

Standing out to talented applicants early on is important. A job seeker doesn’t start their job search on an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or a dealership website. In fact, the best time for recruitment teams to attract candidates is while they’re surfing sites like Indeed or Google.

Indeed offers the same important features that ATSs do free of charge, like sorting and labeling candidates, integrating jobs onto an existing dealership site and sending skill assessment tests to identify high-potential candidates. And Indeed’s dedicated automotive team is available to assist at every step in the process, providing consultative solutions to optimize dealerships’ recruiting strategies.

"My team adapts to clients’ needs,” says Ashley Murtha, Indeed’s Dedicated Client Success Manager. “From assisting clients with the setup of their customized Company Pages, to ensuring their jobs are mobile friendly, Client Success connects our clients to qualified candidates for their job openings."

Indeed helps dealerships differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market. Opportunities like targeted ads, company branding and full-service recruiting systems help hiring managers save time and develop a compelling employer brand.

“When we need candidates, we need them fast.” says Heather Allen, Sr. Talent Manager of Talent Acquisition at Group 1 Automotive. “With Indeed, we know our jobs are highly visible to the many visitors that frequent their website. We can always count on Indeed to connect job seekers to our opportunities.”

Indeed prides themselves on connecting dealerships with the tools they need to find quality candidates. And while there’s no magic bullet to recruiting, the Automotive Hiring Team outlines custom recruitment programs based on your hiring goals. Start maximizing your automotive job postings on Indeed by visiting today or call (475) 619-8997.