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Embracing Inclusivity and Acceptance: A Reflection on Pride Month



As Pride Month begins, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the cultures we cultivate – especially where we spend most of our time, the communities where we live and workplaces where we spend our 9-5s. Are we inclusive, in both thought and deed? Are we diverse and is that reflected in our staffs and workforce generally? Are we tolerant of differing viewpoints, even if they might clash with our own.

These are questions we should ask ourselves each day and not just during Pride Month, Black History Month or Hispanic Heritage Month. Incorporating the tenants of inclusion and acceptance in our personal lives and within our workspaces helps to make us stronger, more successful, and better equipped to serve all communities. It makes us more compassionate and empathetic with our coworkers. It provides employees with a sense of belonging, respect and value. It gives us a stronger sense of connection with our customers and business partners.

Cultivating a culture of inclusion and acceptance should be a top priority for all businesses. At NADA, we celebrate our differences and encourage all employees to be their authentic selves. Importantly, we realize that this doesn’t simply start and stop at our doorstep but extends to the broader automotive industry and into the communities we serve.

These values are also an integral part of our ethos. At NADA, we believe that a diverse workforce is not just beneficial, it’s indispensable, and a business imperative. Diverse perspectives foster innovation, challenge the status quo, and drive us toward a more productive and inclusive future. 

The great thing is, we are not just talking, we are putting words into action. Our commitment is visible in our hiring practices and staff development, as well as our active and ongoing outreach to diverse constituency groups.

As the world’s LGBTQ+ communities come together to celebrate the freedom to be unapologetically proud and visible, here at NADA, we are making an impact where we live and work to create a workforce that we are proud to celebrate.

To our friends in the LGBTQ+ community, we see you. We wish you peace and joy in living your life out loud and in truth.

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