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Dealership Management Training – An Investment in Future Success



Charles Cyrill

James Welch

New-car dealers looking to invest in the future of their dealership workforce should consider enrolling their managers in the new professional-training courses developed by the National Automobile Dealers Association.

The NADA Professional Series is designed for both new and high-potential managers working in four key dealership departments—sales, office, parts, and service.

“Participants will advance their careers by learning best practices to manage their dealerships,” said instructor Georgia Munson. “Best practices include hiring the right people, managing inventory, understanding a financial statement and setting goals to become a successful manager.”

Dealership managers can complete their training in three months. Each series includes four instructional modules:

  • Core Competencies (Learn the Job):  Two-day classroom, instructor-led and interactive, online courses;
  • Leadership Foundation (Learn to Lead):  Two-day classroom, instructor-led and interactive, online courses;
  • Human Resources Foundation (Learn to Build a Team):  Self-paced online courses; and
  • Dealer Management Systems (DMS) Applications (Find Data to Succeed):  Self-paced online courses.

The NADA Professional Series is currently offered in four locations: Sacramento and Cerritos, Calif., Tysons, Va., and Dallas. Classes will be offered in more cities across the U.S. in 2019.

“Building a community of like-minded dealership managers helps create a high standard in the retail-automobile industry,” Munson added. “Connecting these individuals with one another so they can continue to work together and implement what they learned in class is a major benefit they won’t find anywhere else but with NADA.”

Once the Professional Series is completed, managers who climb the dealership ranks can continue their education with additional training programs offered at the NADA Academy and Academy Plus.


Test Drive the NADA Professional Series at NADA Show 2019 

Dealership managers are invited to attend NADA Show 2019 in San Francisco to find out for themselves how the NADA Professional Series can supercharge a dealership manager into a leadership role. Four NADA Professional Series workshops will be included among the hundreds of educational workshop sessions offered at the NADA Show in the newly-renovated Moscone Center from Jan. 24-27.

The four workshops include: Managing Millions in Vehicle Inventory (sales); Protecting Your Dealership’s Biggest Assets (office); Stopping Parts Obsolescence Before It Starts (parts); and Maximizing Your Daily Disappearing Inventory (service).


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