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A Complete Dealership Security Solution



Stealth Monitoring

As an auto dealer, you know how important it is to make your lot attractive to potential customers. You also know with expensive inventory sitting out in the open, security can be challenging. Not to mention dealing with the other threats that have come from inventory shortages, false claims and more brazen criminals who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Concerning dealership security, many dealerships turn to security guards as a way to protect their lots. Guards patrol major access points and reduce the threat of loss. However, guards can’t be in multiple places at one time. Suspicious activity on the lot can be missed when a guard is patrolling other areas of the property. Fortunately, there’s a more effective solution.

Proactive Security to Help Protect Your Dealership and Customers

Remote video monitoring from Stealth Monitoring can be tailored to the security needs of your dealership. Our solutions-driven technology provides real-time, interactive monitoring, operational optimization, loss and damage prevention, and data that can be accessed anywhere. Our solution provides greater coverage than traditional security systems and often for less expense.

Cameras are strategically placed so security professionals can monitor perimeters, lots, access points, service departments and showrooms for unusual activity simultaneously. When the video monitoring system picks up something suspicious, the operator is alerted to quickly assess the situation and take action, helping to ensure the dealership and its assets are protected.

This is especially beneficial in service departments, where false claims about vehicle damage could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs that you are not responsible for. Stealth’s Service Lane Monitoring solution is one of the best ways to help deter and defend against false claims.

Our cameras can be strategically placed within your service department to capture video of the entire exterior of any vehicle entering and exiting your service lane. The system will date and time stamp each recording, which can then be used to prove if a customer’s vehicle had external damage prior to their arrival to your service lane.

Someone who pulls into the service department and spots a variety of cameras in use may think twice about trying to falsely a claim that your dealership causing damage to their vehicle. And if the person is bold enough to make a claim, you will have the footage to prove otherwise.

Don Brown, owner of Don Brown Chevrolet in St. Louis, can attest to how successful our security solution can be, including our SLK. Watch his entire testimonial below.

Security camera technology is constantly evolving. It’s getting more efficient, more effective, and more affordable. Automotive dealerships that invest in remote video monitoring from Stealth can help prevent theft, catch suspicious activity before anything happens, monitor employee activities, and increase productivity.

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