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China Expert Michael Dunne: ‘Detroit Should be Genuinely Concerned’



Rob Treadway

Robert Treadway

Membership Communications & Marketing Manager

“They’re coming,” is what Michael Dunne, CEO of Dunne Insights, says of Chinese EVs soon coming to the US market as he sits down to chat with NADA on its new podcast, Driving Ahead.

The former Vice President and Managing Director in China for J.D. Power and President of General Motors Indonesia details the strategic moves Chinese leaders have taken over the past decade to position themselves as the leader in electric vehicles—a big risk that, at the moment, is securing them a grip on the EV markets in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.

Since starting amazingly at zero units in 2014, Chinese-based car manufacturer BYD (the acronym for Build Your Dreams) now produces more than 3 million BEVs and PHEVs a year (for comparison, Tesla produces 3 million a year). Dunne says they’ll produce 5 million by 2025. “Bigger than GM, bigger than Ford, bigger than Nissan,” Dunne says.

The only “bottleneck these days for the Chinese is the shipping,” Dunne says. There aren’t enough ships to export all the cars being made by BYD, as well as fellow Chinese brands Chery and SAIC Motor, to foreign markets. To solve the problem they pivoted all of their production to making ships. BYD owns “not only all of the vehicle manufacturing, the batteries that feed into those vehicles and the cell manufacturing and the mineral processing and even have interests in the mines themselves,” he explains.

How can they do all of this on such a massive scale? The answer is China’s Communist system.

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