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A New NADA Website for the Future



2021 NADA Board Member Michael Alford

Michael Alford

NADA Board Member - North Carolina
Industry Relations GM Co. Liaison

We are living in fast-changing times. And there’s no better example of this than today’s digital landscape.

Fifteen years ago, you couldn’t use Facebook unless you were a college student. Now there are more than three billion Facebook users worldwide. Websites have changed even more; they used to be static pages that “webmasters” would update maybe once or twice a month.

Then we, as dealers, started selling cars and trucks on our websites, and then newspapers started breaking news on their websites. Then people started publishing their own company and organization news on their websites. News seekers no longer need to visit the Washington Post or New York Times websites, but instead can get information directly from the source.

Our team at NADA pays close attention to these digital trends, which came to a head in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2020, NADA created the Coronavirus Hub on – providing dealers with up-to-date information on public policy, compliance, and management tips related to operating during the pandemic – that generated nearly a million visits in just a few months.

This trend began unfolding before the pandemic, but 2020 is when we knew for sure that dealers and dealership staff wanted to receive unfiltered news and information directly from NADA – and that NADA’s content is as useful and trustworthy to dealers as any information they would find elsewhere.

So, we got to work. And this month, I am happy to announce, that we launched a new website that will serve as every dealer and dealership staffer’s one stop hub for auto retail news, education, training and content you need to better run your dealership.

Our news hub will be updated around the clock with all varieties of dealership-focused content: news, blog posts, videos, training tips from NADA Academy instructors and 20 group consultants, as well as all of the public policy, regulatory compliance information you have come to expect from NADA.

We built a site that you and your employees can trust and keep coming back to every day. Bottom line: the new is a site that will be essential to visit in your daily routine.

Make sure to visit every day and tell your team members to make our news hub their homepage. Feel free to share our content on Facebook and LinkedIn, and use the site as a way to stay engaged with NADA and everything we do to help dealers run their businesses.

Join me in ushering in a new digital age in our industry by making the new, and especially our news hub, your one stop shop for everything you need to know about automotive retail.

Join us at

Michael Alford is Chairman of NADA, and a full line General Motors dealer with stores in Jacksonville and New Bern, N.C.

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