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NADA Teams Up with Powerhouse Electrification Organization to Enhance Dealership EV Education



2021 NADA Board Member Michael Alford

Michael Alford

NADA Board Member - North Carolina
Industry Relations GM Co. Liaison

As I near the first full month as your 2022 NADA Chairman, I remain fully committed to helping dealers navigate the issues and challenges we face, especially the auto industry’s move to electrification. Just last month at NADA Show in Las Vegas, NADA announced a brand-new dealership EV training program to advance EV education at franchised dealerships nationwide.

The auto industry is on the superhighway towards electrification. While automakers are bringing more and more electric vehicles to market, dealers are vital to helping consumers understand the EV ownership experience while, at the same time, making them comfortable with their first EV purchase. Our customers want to touch and feel these advanced vehicles first-hand before making the switch, so dealers must be ready to provide future EV buyers with the information necessary. Customers want not only model-specific information, but also want to know about their charging options, EV infrastructure and EV service requirements.

This is where the new dealership EV training program comes in. Developed in collaboration with the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) and Plug In America (PIA), the online program will complement model-specific training that OEMs are providing as more and more EVs hit our showrooms. The program will provide dealership sales teams with the essential content needed to communicate with customers and close EV sales.

The program leverages the strengths and expertise of NADA, CSE and PIA and is supported by the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, which will engage their OEM members to enhance dealership participation.

I am excited for the electric future ahead and know that this program will amplify EV education in dealerships and help accelerate mass market adoption of EVs across the country. Stand by for more information about the program coming from NADA.

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