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New NADA Show 2020 Digital Super Track Tackles Dealers' Digital Needs

Published November 5, 2019


Na'Tasha Jones

As a dealer, you know that digital marketing for dealerships is no longer optional. As Michael Sundquist, director of marketing at Safford Automotive Group in Springfield, Va., pointed out in an article for Automotive News, "The days of putting a 'kaleidoscope of colors and cars' into a newspaper and hoping it finds some buyers are a thing of the past."

But how can you make sure that what your dealership is doing with digital marketing is both timely and effective? A new category of education sessions has been added as part of the Education for NADA Show 2020— the Digital Super Track. The workshops under this track will help attendees get hyper-focused on the digital aspects of our dealership business that continues to grow each year.

Learn more about our Digital Super Track workshops below, and view the full schedule of education sessions for 2020 on the NADA Show website.

Create an Effective Facebook Strategy That Doesn’t Feel Evil

Facebook is a critical part of any online marketing strategy and a great way to get your stock in front of consumers. But how do you best navigate Facebook ad targeting and frequency, offline event reporting, Facebook marketplace and organic social media use in a way that respects your regular customers and doesn’t freak out shoppers? We’ll go over the key steps to a Facebook strategy that is both ethical and effective.
Matt Stoffel, Outreach Manager, 9 Clouds
Friday, Feb. 14 • 4pm-5pm | Sunday, Feb. 16 • 10:30am-11:30am

Demystifying the Future of Car Shopping and Buying

Join us for a peek into the future of car buying and experience the new technology and tools car shoppers expect today. Exploring everything from data-driven and personalized experiences to virtual reality and voice search, we will provide a simplified and strategic approach for dealers to put to use right away and thrive in the new digital buying world.
Jessica Stafford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cox Automotive
Friday, Feb. 14 • 1pm-2pm | Sunday, Feb. 16 • 10:30am-11:30am

Digital Marketing: Making the Right Decisions

From this session, participants will leave with the knowledge and tools to make better decisions about their digital marketing strategies. They’ll learn how to improve communication with their digital marketing vendors and how to hold vendors accountable. They’ll also learn how to use data to personalize the online shopping experience and turn anonymous online shoppers into vehicle buyers.
Michael Hayes, NADA Academy Instructor
Friday, Feb. 14 • 4pm-5pm

Drive Reach, Engagement and Profits With Digital Retailing

In this workshop, we will explore how you should evaluate and measure digital retailing solutions to ensure you meet your goals of delivering a satisfying customer experience, increasing online leads, boosting sales conversion rates and generating more profit.
Mike Barrington, Senior VP Group Sales, Digital Retailing and F&I Solutions, Cox Automotive Retail Solutions Group
Friday, Feb. 14 • 1pm-2pm | Saturday, Feb. 15 • 10:30am-11:30am

Leveraging Data and Digital Giants to Impact Your Dealership

Google and Facebook control 57% of the digital ad spending in the U.S., says eCommerce. Our panel will include senior execs from Google and Facebook, and we will cover topics like metrics, video opportunities and identifying the right audience. You’ll also learn about new opportunities with Google and Facebook.
Phillip Sura, Consultant, Digital Strategies, Sura Consulting; Julio Gonzalez, Automotive Industry Manager, Google; Chris Marshall Sr., Director, Strategic Planning and Development, Oracle Data Cloud; Amanda Flippin, Client Partner, Facebook
Friday, Feb. 14 • 2:30pm-3:30pm | Saturday, Feb. 15 • 10:30am-11:30am
In addition to the new workshop track, there are even more ways to learn and engage around digital marketing at this year's show:

2020 Nada Show Education Tracks Infographic

NADA Show 2020 takes place February 14-17 in Las Vegas. View the full schedule of NADA Show 2020 education sessions, and register to secure your place at NADA Show today.