NADA Insurance

NADA offers exclusive, member-negotiated insurance programs designed to provide peace of mind to dealers, their families and their employees.

Dealer/Spouse Solutions

Part of planning for life’s major events, includes remembering your most important safety net – life insurance. NADA offers dealers and their spouses several options, from Group Life, to Level Premium Term plans and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage. Learn more about dealer/spouse solutions.

Manager Solutions

This offering is specifically crafted for dealership managers and their spouses, assigning coverage appropriate for the integral role they play in your business. Learn more about manager solutions.

Group Employee Solutions

Show your employees you understand their financial needs and help support those needs by providing them with NADA’s flexible group insurance program. Learn more about group solutions.

Individual Employee Solutions

NADA has created an insurance offering that’s customized to handle the separate insurance needs of your valued employees – allowing them to choose the coverage that’s right for them. Learn more about individual employee solutions.

Retirement Accumulation Insurance

Designed to complement your qualified retirement plan, this unique coverage helps to fill in the retirement fund gap with life insurance, providing higher coverage during the younger years when employees haven’t had the time to accumulate their nest egg. Learn more about Retirement Accumulation Insurance.

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