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It’s a Great Time to Be a Truck Dealer, Says ATD’s New Chairman



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For America’s truck dealers, it’s a whole new year, with a new ATD chairman, a new ATD president and a whole new ATD Show location this year.

The 2022 ATD Chairman Scott McCandless joined NADA’s Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Jonathan Collegio at the Live Stage on Sunday to give NADA Show attendees a look at what’s ahead for ATD’s nearly 2,000 truck dealer members.

“The commercial truck industry is faced with the same type of issues with transformation to new technology,” McCandless said, noting that the trucking industry isn’t just looking at electrification of the fleet, but at other alternative sources of fuel as well, including compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified petroleum.

Supply-chain issues and a lack of inventory is also holding the industry back. “We can’t get stock vehicles. My lot is empty. I’ve never seen anything like that before,” McCandless said.

Luckily, many truck dealers were warned ahead of time about possible supply-chain issues and planned accordingly. “[Factory people] told us shortages were coming and suggested we order next year’s demand,” McCandless said. “We did that, and we went out and pre-sold all of those units with our current customer base. But we might meet 60% of our needs with that situation.”

Check out the video below for McCandless’ thoughts on the new ATD Show location at the Encore Las Vegas. He also offered up a few details on ATD’s new President Laura Perotta.

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