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Dealerships are Local 



Franchise dealerships play a central role in their local communities. Unlike Wall Street or big corporations, local dealerships only succeed when their communities thrive, and their actions show it.

Dealerships are local employers. They employ over a million Americans in stable jobs with strong career trajectories. These jobs pay an average salary of more than $70,000 with opportunities for advancement in management, regardless of a college degree.

Dealerships are local investors. They invest more than $200 billion nationwide in land, building and infrastructure. This activity funnels its way through local economies, rejuvenating cities and towns and boosting local tax bases.

Dealerships are local innovators. With the latest industry technologies from EVs to zero-emission vehicles, they are leading their hometowns in innovation.  

Dealerships are local philanthropists. They are the first to raise their hands and donate funds to give back to their communities, leading efforts to support local institutions such as hospitals, schools, parks and nonprofits, to name a few.

Local leaders know that dealerships are more than the vehicles they sell. They’re the sponsors of Little League teams, board members of chambers of commerce, hosts for blood drives, and much more. They keep America moving forward.

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