Steve Park, Senior Director of 20 Group and Academy
Steve ParkSteve brings 20-plus years of auto industry experience to NADA. Prior to joining NADA, Steve spent 10 years at Ford Motor Company in myriad roles in finance, purchasing, fleet, leasing, government and commercial sales, followed by two years as a General Motors Minority Dealer Development Academy fellow who graduated from the NADA Academy while training in every department of a dealership in Michigan. After the recession in 2009, he spent five years as VP of sales and marketing at a local and global fleet management company. Most recently, Steve has played a crucial role in building out the support team that our 20 Group staff works closely with in processing the monthly OEM-provided financial statement feeds that generate the printed composites and online dashboard. Steve now guides and directs the NADA 20 Group support and consulting staff serving almost 200 groups and more than 2,400 automotive dealer and manager members.

Mark Rogers, Manager and Dealership Management Consultant
Mark RogersMark joined NADA in 2005 and brings 35-plus years of auto-industry experience. Throughout his career, he has been involved in all aspects of the retail automotive industry and has extensive experience with most major franchises and both public and privately-capitalized dealers. He was a multi-year President's Award winner with Toyota and "Best in Class" with General Motors. Mark specialized in turn-around situations for six years prior to joining NADA. He is a top-rated workshop presenter at the annual NADA Show and at numerous state and international conventions.

Don South, Manager and Dealership Management Consultant
Don SouthDon brings 35-plus years of consulting, retail automotive and truck management experience, including 15-plus years as an NADA consultant. His expertise is in improving department profitability for General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Subaru, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Mitsubishi, and commercial medium-duty truck dealerships. He is a certified instructor for comprehensive service operations initiatives, including the Ford Lincoln Mercury Service Upgrade, Field Consulting Approach 3.0, Quality Care Maintenance, and Around the Wheel.

Chad Royston, Training and Operations Manager
Chad RoystonChad brings 15-plus years of auto-industry experience to NADA. He is a second-generation dealer and oversaw day-to-day operations and led his dealership group's training efforts. He previously worked in all aspects of dealership operations, including turning wrenches, delivering parts and departmental management. He credits a great team and culture for growing a single-point store into an eight-franchise multi-rooftop group. Chad eventually made his way to NADA, first as a financial management instructor with NADA Academy before transitioning into a training & operations manager. His passion now is to help reshape the industry that gave him so much.

Jeff Bakich, Dealership Management Consultant
Jeff BakichJeff brings 30-plus years of auto-industry experience to NADA. Prior to NADA, he held various positions in the dealership including parts and service director, dealership general manager and dealership co-owner. Additionally, he was a NADA 20 Group chairperson and has 15 years of field consulting experience. Jeff is a proven profitable dealer, with top-tier customer retention and satisfaction working with Ford, Chrysler, General Motors and Nissan.

Steve Bakich, Dealership Management Consultant
Steve BakichSteve brings 28-plus years of auto-industry experience as a Nissan dealer to NADA. He oversaw the fastest growing Nissan dealer in the Southeast. Steve was an active member in NADA 20 group, including chairperson. He won numerous CSI and sales awards and at one time had the highest CSI scores in the entire region. Steve emphasizes success on digital advertising strategies and internet processes that fueled dealerships growth. His expertise includes advertising, training, cash management, and expense control.

Glenn Barton, Dealership Management Consultant
Barton_GlennGlenn brings 35-plus years of auto-industry experience to NADA. He started his career in retail automotive management in domestic, import and high-line venues. He has worked with various manufacturers with a proficiency in combining cost controls, revenue growth, continuous process improvements, and in-depth staff training to achieve significant profitability, volume, and incomparable customer satisfaction. His franchise expertise is with Lincoln-Mercury, Saab, Subaru, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Chevrolet, Honda, Nissan and Toyota.

Betsi Bellamy, Dealership Management Consultant
Betsi BellamyBetsi brings 30-plus years of auto-industry experience to NADA. Prior to joining NADA she was a general manager for 15 years at a multi-franchise store with both domestic and import makes. Additionally, she was a NADA 20 Group chairperson, an approved dealer candidate with the General Motors Women’s Initiative and won the Ford Lincoln President’s award. Betsi currently facilitates dealer, internet manager, controller and office manager, and chief financial officer groups for NADA.

Jeff Breeland, Dealership Management Consultant
Breeland_Jeff_135x165 Jeff brings 22-plus years of auto-industry experience to NADA. His past experience includes Sales District Manager for DaimlerChrysler for over 50 locations across 3 metro markets. In addition to manufacturer experience, Jeff has over 10 years of experience in automotive general management and consultancy. Jeff’s first position with NADA was as an Academy Instructor specializing in Financial Management and he is an ATD Certified Master Trainer. In late 2018, Jeff transitioned to his new role as a NADA Dealership Management Consultant. Jeff’s depth of knowledge and passion for dealership performance improvement will be invaluable to the dealers in his 20-Group.

Nick Carter, Dealership Management Consultant
Nick CarterNick brings 35-plus years of medium- and heavy-duty commercial truck experience to ATD and NADA. He has been involved in all aspects of commercial truck operations including RSM, DSM, Director of Sales Operations, and Independent Consultant with his focus on dealership profitability in sales, F&I, rental/leasing. Nick was a top producing RSM & DSM Western Region – Hitachi Capital America & UD Trucks. His franchise expertise includes Ford, Hino, Isuzu, Mitsubishi-Fuso, Peterbilt, Volvo-Mack, and Freightliner.

Mario Clementoni, Dealership Management Consultant
Mario Clementoni

Mario brings 40-plus years of auto-industry experience to NADA. Prior to NADA, he was a dealer principal, a Lincoln-Mercury dealer council representative, and chairman of Lincoln-Mercury Advertising Fund. Over his extensive career, he has worked in all aspects of dealership operations and with various manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Kia, Lincoln and Volkswagen.

Joel Dalbo, Dealership Management Consultant
Joel DalboJoel brings 33-plus years of auto-industry experience to NADA. His past experience includes Zone Manager and Director for Volvo Finance N.A., Director of Car Sales for Western US Hertz Car Sales for over 45 locations in 14 states and General Manager of a Volvo and a separate Volkswagen Dealerships. Prior to joining NADA, Joel was General Manager for AutoNation Volvo. He then transitioned to Financial Management & Variable New Pre Owned instructor for the NADA Academy and is an ATD Certified Master Trainer. His expertise includes development and support of successful Lease programs improving Region Sales Volume, process improvement, lease training, preowned sales, and asset management. Joel was an active member in two NADA 20 Group, including Vice Chair and Chairman. He is a proven profitable dealer and expense control expert.

Jim Dodd, Dealership Management Consultant
Jim Dodd Jim joined NADA in 2009 and brings 18-plus years of auto-industry experience in wholesale, retail, consulting and digital advertising. Recently Google certified in Analytics and AdWords, Jim continues to consult dealers on marketing strategies and web design to improve their online presence and performance. Prior to becoming a 20 Group Consultant, Jim began his career with NADA as an account executive for the Used Car Guide. Previously, he was the Field Sales Manager and Marketing Director of Southern Auto Auction where he managed their Web site and developed mobile technology that was ground breaking in 2001. Jim manages Chrysler, GM and Ford dealer groups as well as an Internet Managers group and continues to be focused on innovative ways dealers can leverage technology to improve their overall dealership performance.

Tim Fortune, Dealership Management Consultant
Consultant Tim Fortune 135x165 Tim brings 25-plus years of auto-industry experience to NADA. He has been involved in all aspects of retail automotive, from sales to vice president and operator. His expertise is in new and used cars, finance, franchise buy-sells, training and marketing with an extensive understanding of dealership technologies and computer software. His franchise expertise includes FCA, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Mazda, Lotus, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Volkswagen.

Tim Gavin, Dealership Management Consultant
Tim Gavin Tim brings 35-plus years of auto-industry experience to NADA. Prior to NADA, he held various positions in the dealership, including service manager, general sales manager, general manager, dealer operator and dealer principal. Tim was a multi-year Five Star Award of Excellence Dealer, Gold Award Winner for Excellence for Resource Automotive for Honda Canada project, and J.D. Power distinguished team member with 2014 Mercedes-Benz SSI Improvement Project. He’s an adjunct professor for Leadership Development and a subject matter expert in sales, service and CSI for luxury, domestic and import dealerships.

Ray Grapsy, Dealership Management Consultant
Graspy_RayRay brings 35-plus years of medium- and heavy-duty commercial truck experience to ATD and NADA. He has been involved in all aspects of commercial truck operations including fixed and variable operations, lease and rental, financial management, heavy industrial equipment sales and service along with business plan preparation as a consultant. He was a dealer representative on Dealer Council in addition to OEM and vendor Advisory Boards. Ray was a leader in establishing the Automotive Technology Program for educating new technicians and other local vocational training programs. His franchise expertise includes Freightliner, Western Star, Isuzu, Hino, and International.

Jim Kinsella, Dealership Management Consultant
Jim KinsellaJim brings 40-plus years of auto-industry experience to NADA. As general sales manager of one of New England's largest Toyota dealerships, he achieved record-breaking sales and profitability. As a dealer principal, he turned around a struggling Ford dealership, more than doubling sales while raising CSI scores above the national average. He was inducted into the Heritage Registry of Who's Who in 2007. Jim specializes in variable operations and has extensive experience working with Ford, General Motors and Toyota dealers.

Phil Levy, Dealership Management Consultant
Phil LevyPhil joined NADA in 2005 and brings 40-plus years of auto-industry experience in wholesale, retail, and consulting. His career began with Ford Motor Company, then Toyota Sales USA, and Subaru America in numerous field and executive level assignments. Phil joined the retail ranks as a general manager at a Chrysler-Jeep-Subaru dealership and ultimately became vice president of operations for this group, where he spent 14 years. During the course of Phil's career, he has interfaced with more than 12 new-car franchises.

Randy "Mac" McCleskey, Dealership Management Consultant
Randy McCleskeyRandy brings 40-plus years of auto-industry experience to NADA. His experience includes various positions in both fixed and variable operations, including national director of training, sales and marketing for Automax Service Solutions. He has worked with all OEM franchises in every U.S. state except Alaska. In addition, his experience includes international consulting in 18 Chinese and three Canadian provinces. He has served on multiple advisory boards and was a three-time Chrysler Five Star Dealership recipient in three different states. Randy specializes in variable and fixed operations and CSI training.

Dick Parrish, Dealership Management Consultant
Dick ParrishDick joined NADA in 1999 and brings 45-plus years of auto-industry experience. As a dealer principal and president of a Volvo-Volkswagen dealership, Dick was a charter member of a NADA 20 Group for 22 years. He also served on Volvo's dealer advisory council, NADA's industry relations committee, and the Jacksonville Automobile Dealers Association, including as president. He has worked with various manufacturers with an expertise in all aspects of dealership operations and frequently presents on dealership best practices, financial statement management, new and used cars, and fixed operations.

Wayne Phillips, Dealership Management Consultant
Wayne PhillipsWayne has 40-plus years of auto-industry experience, including 22 years at NADA. His experience includes serving as vice president/general manager of a Volkswagen and Subaru store and vice president of operations for a large dealer group with 10 stores and 14 franchises. Wayne has been a member of two different NADA 20 groups and enjoys the passion, initiative, and commitment shared between dealers and NADA.

Mark Ruble, Dealership Management Consultant
Mark RubleMark brings 35-plus years of auto-industry experience to NADA. He has worked in a variety of dealership management roles in dealerships across the country, including new and used manager, executive manager, director of operations, and interim dealer operator. As interim dealer operator, he turned around operations for 16 failing dealerships, with responsibility for as many as three dealerships simultaneously. His franchise expertise is with Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Infiniti, Kia, Mazda, and Nissan.

Kelly Smith, Dealership Management Consultant
Smith_KellyKelly brings 30-plus years of auto-industry experience to NADA. He began his career in automotive with EDS before joining his families business as comptroller, ultimately becoming dealer principle. As a dealer, Kelly was an active member in NADA 20 Group, including chairman. Kelly is a proven, profitable dealer, with franchise expertise including Oldsmobile, GM, Chrysler and Subaru.

Sheila York, Dealership Management Consultant
Consultant Sheila 135x165Sheila brings 30-plus years of auto-industry experience to NADA. Prior to joining NADA, she was a chief operating officer of two dealer groups. Additionally, Sheila was named one of the Automotive News 100 Leading Women in the North American Auto Industry in 2005. She utilizes her knowledge to teach department managers how their individual processes can affect their department’s profitability. Her experience ranges from balance-sheet management, fixed operations, used vehicle department to digital presence.

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