NADA and Authenticom Introduce NADA Vault, Secure Dealership Data Syndication Platform


TYSONS, Va. (June 11, 2024)—On Tuesday, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and data management services company Authenticom announced a secure platform for dealerships to syndicate their data among vendors, customers and manufacturers.

Using Authenticom’s DealerVault platform, the technology pulls data from thousands of data management systems worldwide and consolidates it into one secure source. This allows dealerships to manage their vendor and manufacturer relationships with only the data required for each interaction, keeping customer data safe.

As vehicle technology continues to advance, the customer and vehicle data required for each interaction with a dealer, vendor or manufacturer grows. Dealerships are responsible for controlling and protecting that data, and the standards for that security have only increased with Federal Trade Commission’s 2023 Safeguards Compliance rule.

“Franchised dealerships are responsible for a significant amount of customer and vehicle information and require a secure and reliable way to manage the data,” said NADA President and CEO Mike Stanton. “NADA Vault provides dealerships with a secure, transparent and efficient way to share and protect data.”

"Since its inception, DealerVault has prioritized data security, transparency, and freedom of choice. We are honored to have NADA recognize not only the technology but also our organization,” said Steve Cottrell, CEO of Authenticom Inc. “This strategic alliance validates the need for an independent entity which provides dealerships with absolute control over their DMS data. At Authenticom we reaffirm our commitment to empowering dealerships with the tools they need to manage their data securely and effectively."

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