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Who’s the Best at Selling Cars? Probably Not a Tech Company, Reporter Says

Published March 11, 2022


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Sheryll Poe


The dealership of tomorrow is definitely electric—but it’s more of an electric evolution, not a revolution, according to Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Kevin Tynan.
Tynan sat down with NADA’s Jonathan Collegio on the NADA Show Live Stage on Friday for a wide-ranging discussion on electric vehicles, hybrids, batteries, autonomous cars, and why the auto manufacturer/franchised dealer partnership is a better option for EV buyers than buying from a tech company/device maker.

“I think the idea of manufacturer direct sales is not manageable and I don’t think it’s scalable,” Tynan said. “Ultimately, [Tesla and others] they’re automakers … the factory is not in the business of selling to you. Why would they be a better retailer than a retailer?”

In addition to new EV products, the auto retail industry is enjoying record sales. “This is the most dynamic time in history,” Tynan noted. “For manufacturers and retailers, there have been five months in a row now where the average transaction is above MSRP.”

See more from Tynan’s session in the video below.