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The Race is On for Better Digital Marketing, Says Affinitiv President

Published March 12, 2022


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Sheryll Poe


It was slightly longer than the three minutes advertised, but Saturday’s Affinitiv Digital Daily session, “Three Ways to Reduce Advertising Waste in Three Minutes,” did give a speedy overview of some areas where a dealership could better optimize their digital marketing efforts.

With his running shoes on and his water bottle on standby, Tom Kerr, President of Affinitiv Advertising, took attendees through three things they should look at to make sure their efforts are worth the investments they’re making.

  1. Make sure you’re sending the right signals. “Not all conversions are equal,” Kerr said. “You need quality VDPs” (vehicle detail pages) so make sure your tagging is set up in a way that provides real value and information on conversions.
  2. Collect third-party traffic and turn it into your first party audience. “The average consumer uses three, third-party providers when searching for a vehicle,” Kerr said. Make sure you have access to your third-party traffic information. It’s available and you should use it.
  3. Make sure you measure and modify you digital marketing efforts. With today’s advanced analytics, it’s possible to know exactly what is working and what’s not. Measure, modify and spend more on what is working, Kerr said. “We can do true A/B testing on what your buttons say. ‘Get a price’ doesn’t perform as well as ‘Explore payment options.’ ‘Explore payment options’ was the No. 1 call to action that engaged customers.”

Affinitiv is sponsoring the Digital Daily segments featured on Live Stage each day during NADA Show 2022. Watch the Livestream from the Live Stage at NADA Show and catch more of Kerr’s session in the video below.